About Us

Sutton Sports is a traditional independent sports retailer with an established high street and online presence. We offer a huge range of equipment for a growing number of sports including racket sports, football, rugby, cricket and netball to name a few. Our store is located in Sutton Coldfield, just a few miles north of Birmingham city centre in the heart of the country.

Sutton Sports was formed in 2009 and began initially as a high-street business, offering a modest range of tennis equipment and services like restringing. While the business was ticking over nicely, shopping trends soon began to change as e-commerce began its boom. In 2012 we launched our first website and the online business flourished ever since, allowing us to grow our inventory to almost 5,000 individual products across a range of popular sports.

To achieve online success, we have remained true to the core values which have made our high-street business a success; personal customer service and excellent product knowledge – two things which are dying out rapidly from sports shops around the country. We see it as our job to equip our customers with the best possible for their money, rather than send them away with poor-quality products. Sport should be made as enjoyable as possible and with the right equipment this can be achieved much easier.

We hope you enjoy shopping on our website and don’t be afraid to pop in and visit us if you are in the midlands for the full experience and to get a feel for who we really are.