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Vulkan Neoprene Elbow Support

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The Vulkan Neoprene Tennis Elbow support is ideal for use in sports and occupations where repetitive strain injury may be an issue such as golfers or assembly line workers.

Vulkans Aerotherm Neoprene ranges of supports are designed to provide optimum amount of heat, support and compression. Featuring quality neoprene with uniform cell wall construction and even compression grade material the products offer the best possible combination which is invaluable in helping prevent soft tissue injuries or helping them repair if already injured. Vulkan neoprene features a unique spiral lining which is critical in removing excess sweat to create a near normal environment around the injury. This aids recovery by giving a micro massage to the injured joint, constantly activating your skins receptors to enhance the feeling of support. Provides warmth, compression and support to injured elbows. Ideal for those with a daily active lifestyle. Suitable for minor sprains and strains and arthritic pain.

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