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Vulkan Classic Heat Retaining Knee Support 3mm

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Vulkan Classic Knee Support

Support your injury recovery with this knee support from Vulkan, suitable for minor tendon and ligament injuries, sprains, and twists.

Features and benefits

This Classic knee support is ideal for minor tendon and ligament injuries. It features a contoured 3 piece design that provides a comfortable and controlled compression. The support helps to support and stabilise sore, weak, injured, or arthritic knees during sport and exercise such as running and weight-training, as well as in everyday life. The support is made from 3mm thick Neoprene, which allows greater flexibility.

Support level

The support provides adjustable levels of compression, support, and therapeutic heat retention in order to ensure that your recovery is tailored to your personal needs. This helps to relieve symptoms associated with strains, sprains, arthritis, and muscle pain. It is comfortable for use both in everyday life and during specific activities, such as sport and exercise.

Aerotherm technology

This support has been built with revolutionary Aerotherm technology, which is designed to provide the therapeutic benefits of heat retention that are produced by Neoprene material, while still promoting air flow. This makes the support much more comfortable to wear, whilst still working towards your full and complete recovery, allowing you to live or exercise in complete comfort.

Size guide

The support should be sized correctly to ensure maximum benefit. To determine the correct size measure around the knee, over the kneecap with leg held straight.

XS - 26-30cm

S - 30-35cm

M - 35-40cm

L - 40-45cm

XL - 45-50cm

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