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Tennis Racket Restring Upgrade

String Option

Choose from a range of options when purchasing a new tennis racquet from Sutton Sports at checkout:

*Only eligible when purchasing an adult or full graphite junior racket from this website*

Please note colours may vary. For more information about the exact string used, or to have a racket strung with a string of your choice, please call us on 0121 3503740

If you are unsure of the tension to select please select the option "recommended tension" and we will string it in the middle of the frame's recommended tension range for mix of power and control.

 As a basic guide, the higher the tension a racquet is strung at, the more control the frame will offer and vice versa.

There are a range of strings available for tennis rackets and these are summarised below:


Option 1: Basic Synthetic Gut £10.00

Nylon-based string, monofilament construction.
  • Benefits: Provides basic feel and playability, good tension maintenance but is generally slightly less durable than other options.


Option 2: Premium Synthetic Gut £12.50

Nylon-based string, with a solid monofilament core surrounded by one or multiple layers of smaller filaments. 
  • Benefits: Provides enhanced feel vs basic synthetic gut, all-around mix of feel and playability and good tension maintenance. Average durability


Option 3: Multifilament £15.00

Numerous individual string filaments wrapped or braided into a single length of string with a urethane binding agent.

  • Benefits: Designed to mimic the performance of natural gut without the price tag. These strings provide excellent elasticity when freshly strung but lose tension quicker than natural gut or polyester options.
  • Tends to produce more power and comfort than monofilament (polyester) or synthetic gut strings, and are a preferred choice for players with arm problems.


Option 4: Basic Monofilament (Polyester) £17.50

Single core string constructed from polyester for greater durability.

  • Benefits: Provide superior durability versus other string types, an excellent choice for advanced players and heavy string breakers. Generally, offer less power, feel, and comfort although some have become softer. Ideal for players searching for durability with control and spin.


Option 5: Premium Monofilament (Polyester) £20.00

Single core string constructed from polyester for greater durability.

  • Benefits: Softer feel than basic monofilament, offering greater durability and spin generation.


Option 6: Basic Hybrid (Polyester Mains, Synthetic Gut Crosses) £15.00

  • A mix of basic polyester and basic synthetic gut options

Benefits: Hybrid option offers a slightly softer feel than a full bed of polyester, a good compromise offering feel without sacrificing durability.


Option 7: Premium Hybrid (Premium Polyester Mains, Premium Synthetic Gut Crosses) £20.00

A mix of premium polyester string and premium synthetic gut.

  • Benefits: Softer feel than a  full bed of polyester string, good for competitive players looking for longer durability without sacrificing feel. Best all-around option for advanced players and hard hitters looking for more feel.


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