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Sergio Tacchini Mens Zitan Short Sleeve Poly T-Shirt

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Sergio Tacchini is a heritage athletics brand representing authenticity, craftsmanship, and style. Founded in 1966 by the Italian tennis champion Sergio Tacchini, the label gained worldwide recognition by infusing colour into an otherwise all-white sport while partnering with the world's top tennis athletes. For over 50 years, Sergio Tacchini has redefined traditional sports and lifestyle apparel both on and off the court.

By the late 70s and throughout the 80s, a new British youth subculture known as the "CASUALS" emerged out of the UK working-class and football terrace scene. Renowned for dressing well the CASUALS established a new fashion consisting of designer tracksuits from Continental European brands such as Sergio Tacchini which helped distinguish them from rivals. The CASUAL culture left an indelible mark on contemporary youth movements including music, film, and fashion that remains relevant today.



This Sergio Tacchini t-shirt can be worn during your upcoming tennis training sessions and matches.

The light and breathable polyester will bring you a great deal of comfort. The athletic cut will enable you to have a wide range of motion when are serving and hitting winners! Also, the Tacchini t-shirt will go well with many other outfits!



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