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SAFEJAWZ Intro Series Mouthguard

£6.99 GBP

The SAFEJAWZ Introseries is a truly revolutionary self-fit mouthguard. The SAFEJAWZ brand has a long history of making custom mouthguards for dentists and all this knowledge has been put into developing what we believe is the best fitting range of self-fit Mouthguards in the World. 3D printing was used in the development stages to ensure a slim profile and carefully consider every single aspect of the product. The Introseries single layer construction means you can achieve a fit that €š¬˜clicks' into place, so you almost forget you're wearing it. 

  • Remodel Tech‚¬ž¢ facilitates multiple fitting attempts so that you can always achieve a perfect fit. Remodel Tech‚¬ž¢ is a trademark exclusive to SAFEJAWZ.
  • Fluid Fit‚¬ž¢ technology will ensure that the guard follows the contours of the teeth which will result in superior impact absorption and real comfort.
  • Jaw Secure‚¬ž¢ offers a pre-contoured base which can assist with stabilising the jaw and protecting the bottom set of teeth also. A sports mouthguard should protect more than just the teeth.

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