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Karakal T-120 Fast Fibre Squash Racket With Cover

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Karakal T-120 Fast Fibre Squash Racket With Cover

The T-120 FF is loaded with features to give the racket its exceptional strength and precision. It has the successful inner 'Muscle System' along with 4 Nano Nodes positioned around the frame to Smooth out Vibration and Increase Stiffness giving you More Power and Control. It also has our 'Muscle Tec' string system to increase the sweet spot and 'Internal Vibration Dampener' bonded into the frame to reduce vibration. The balance on this frame is designed to make the head slightly heavier allowing you to get more weight behind your shots and is constructed using Fast Fibre Nano Gel Graphite.

  • 4 Nano Graphite Nodes to smooth out vibration and increase stiffness for more power and control
  • Inner Muscle System
  • A' Power Shaft with Power Wings
  • Built in Frame Anti-Vibration Dampener
  • One Piece Construction
  • Square String Pattern 14/18

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