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Karakal CRX Tour Racketball Racket

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The Karakal CRX Tour racketball racket is best suited to beginners wanting to up their game and has a mid-plus head ensuring great levels of power and control. It is lightweight (165g) to provide maximum manoeuvrability, whereas its head heavy balance enhances power potential and swing speed. The racket features super-absorbent, tacky and extra-thick Karakal PU super grip and it is supplied with a 3/4 cover for protection before and after use.

  • Head Size: Mid-plus
  • Frame Weight: 165g (5.8oz)
  • Balance: 285mm (head heavy)
  • Beam Width: 22mm parallel beam
  • Length: 22'' (560mm)
  • Strung with factory string
  • Pattern: 14 x 20
  • Grip: Karakal PU super grip
  • Construction: Alumag Alloy
  • Supplied with a 3/4 cover

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