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Dunlop Apex Infinity 3.0 Head Light Squash Racket

£56.00 GBP £80.00 GBP

Dunlop Apex Infinity 3.0 Head Light Squash Racket

HM6 Carbon
?  Aeroskin
?  Power Max
?  14 x 18 Stringing
?  Tension Range 20-30lbs
Dunlop Apex Infinity 3.0 Squash Racket is a beastly power racket. The Apex Infinity is at a lower weight making it easier to whip at the ball for high power, while the fan pattern makes a powerful sweet spot for rapid repulsion. The open throat stretches the mains for an improved power of the center strings.

Aeroskin - The pimpled surface moves through the air faster for faster swing speeds. Copying the rough surface of Shark skin and applying the way it cuts through the water to how a racket cuts through the air.

Power Max - Shared grommet fan stringing at the throat stretches the main strings for improved power from the sweet spot.

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