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Donic Schildkrot Waldner Line 700 Table Tennis Bat

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The 700 is a high-quality table tennis bat of the Donic Schildkrot Waldner-Line, a range of products dedicated to the legendary Donic player and multiple world champion Jan-Ove Waldner. The high-quality Tactik wood sits very well in the hand, thanks the ERGO handle that means no sharp edges exist. This means the change from forehand to backhand is as quick as possible, a clear advantage in such a fast-paced sport as table tennis is. Donic's 3* overlay features a 2.0mm sponge for good spin acceptance and superior power, and all techniques are well transferred to the ball. The ABP technology (adjustable balance point) of the racket allows power and control to be adjusted in seconds according to the wishes of the player. 

  • High-quality Level 700 table tennis bat
  • Donic 3* Overlay with 2.0mm sponge strength means lots of power
  • Speed - 80
  • Spin - 80
  • Control - 60
  • ABP - Adjustable Balance Point
  • Ergonomic Handle - no sharpness for the hand

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