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Donic Schildkrot Waldner Line 600 Table Tennis Gift Set

£15.60 GBP £26.00 GBP

This gift set is dedicated to Jan-Ove Waldner, the legendary Donic player and multiple world champion. The Level 600 bat is equipped with the PLS system - the hollow handle makes the racket lighter and shifts the center of gravity to the club head. This brings more power and speed along with an excellent ball feeling. The bat has Donic 2 * ITTF rubber and 1.8mm sponge. The set also includes a box of 3 high-quality Schildkrot 3 * balls and in order to ensure that everything can be packaged well protected, there is also a padded single bat case with ball compartments. 

  • Waldner Level 600 table tennis bat
  • Box of quality Donic 3* balls
  • Padded bat case with ball compartment


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