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Donic Schildkrot Waldner Line 5000 Table Tennis Bat

£54.00 GBP £90.00 GBP

The 5000 is the top model of the Donic Schildkrot Waldner-Line, a range of products dedicated to the legendary Donic player and multiple world champion Jan-Ove Waldner. This premium bat is the perfect choice for ambitious recreational players to competitive players who are very demanding and do not want to compromise on the material. In terms of features, innovative technologies, build quality and functionality, the Waldner 5000 is a top-of-the-range product. The competition quality wood is reinforced with high-quality carbon to minimize the twist in the moment of ball contact and at the same time to optimize the energy reproduction. Adapted from the competition area is the elaborately designed ERGO handle construction, which lies much better in the hand due to its smooth transition from the bat blade without edges to the handle and does not produce pressure points on the index finger. The premium-quality ITTF-approved rubber is equipped with a high-quality 2.3mm thick sponge for maximum ball acceleration. The Adjustable Balance Point Technology allows players to adjust the center of gravity of the bat according to their own wishes.

  • Top of the range Premium Level 5000 table tennis bat
  • Carbon reinforced wood
  • 2.3mm sponge for high-speed offensive play
  • Speed - 110
  • Spin - 110
  • Control - 50
  • ABP - Adjustable Balance Point
  • Ergonomic Handle - no sharp edges for the hand

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