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Donic Schildkrot Top Teams 500 Table Tennis Gift Set

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Donic Schildkrot presents the complete table tennis set for one player. It includes a Level 500 team bat with Donic 1 * ITTF pad and a 1.7mm sponge with the AVS Grip System (Anti-Vibration System). This is a vibration-dampening system developed by Schildkrot for better ball control through reduced vibration when the ball strikes due to two special, vibration-damping layers between the club and the two handles. Included in the set is a quality padded cover with ball compartment and a box of 3 Schildkrot 2 * balls. 

  • Level 500 table tennis bat
  • 1.7mm sponge, Donic 1 * ITF rubber, pimples inside
  • AVS - Anti-vibration system
  • Box of 3 Schildkrot 2 * balls
  • Padded bat cover with ball compartment holding 3 balls

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