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Donic Schildkrot Dima Ovtcharov Line 800 Table Tennis Bat

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The 800 is a high-quality bat in the Dima Ovtcharov series, bearing the name of the European Champion 2015. All models in this series are made of FSC certified wood, sourced from controlled sustainable cultivation. Ideal for ambitious recreational players and regular recreational games, this model is equipped with a high-quality wood and handle quality. The ITTF-approved Spinmax rubber from Schildkrot scores with very good grip and transfers the spin very effectively on the ball. The 2.0mm sponge generates a high degree of power, while the ERGO handle avoids pressure points on the index finger. Also, the PLS technology (Power Light System) is immediately apparent: thanks to the transparent lens, you can see through the hollow club grip. This design makes the racket lighter and more top-heavy, resulting in a very comfortable handling and optimized power. The built-in AVS (anti-vibration system) between the blade and the handle noticeably reduces vibrations, allowing for fatigue-free play with plenty of control.

  • High-quality Level 800 table tennis bat
  • Grippy turtle Spinmax rubber with 2.1mm sponge strength
  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood from controlled sustainable cultivation
  • AVS grip damping - improved ball control & ball feel
  • PLS hollow grip - more power due to the shifted center of gravity
  • ERGO grip - no sharp edges for the hand
  • Speed - 80
  • Spin - 80
  • Control - 60

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