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Donic Schildkrot Champs Line 300 Table Tennis Bat

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The new Champs line of bats from Donic Schildkrot impress with their cool and trendy handle design and valuable concave wooden handles that fit perfectly in the hand. The series is dedicated to a number of very good younger junior players who are under contract with Donic. The 300 is already equipped with an ITTF-approved turtle jade rubber (pimples inside, smooth rubber), including a 1.0mm thick sponge layer, which gives the bat its own acceleration. The Champs 300 is the right bat for beginners and casual players. 

  • Level 300 table tennis bat
  • Turtle jade coating with a 1.0mm sponge for maximum ball control
  • Speed - 30
  • Spin - 50
  • Control - 90

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