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Donic Schildkrot 2 Player Top Team Table Tennis Set

£12.99 GBP £22.00 GBP

This table tennis includes two Top Team Level 400 bats in good recreational & school sports quality. It has good wood and handle quality, reasonably smooth Jade turtle top with pimples inside and is ITTF approved. The 1.5mm sponge between surface and wood provides the necessary power with good ball control for beginners and casual players. Included in the set are 3 Schildkrot table tennis balls in 1 * quality (40mm). Everything is then packaged in a high-quality carrying case with a zip and carrying handle.

  • 2 Top Team Level 400 table tennis bats
  • Anatomical wooden handle with design print
  • 3 1* Donic balls
  • Speed - 40
  • Spin - 40
  • Control - 80

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