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Carlton Kinsesis XT Lite G4 Badminton Racket

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Carlton Kinsesis XT Lite G4 Badminton Racket

Fantastic power racket with extra speed. 

Combining Carlton's excellent XTreme Tension Frame and innovative Nanocell graphite, the Kinesis XT Lite offers you a powerful racket with the latest in badminton innovation. The Xtreme frame allows the racket to be strung at higher tensions, while also giving the racket an aerodynamic profile, making it perfect for drop shots, net play, mid-court driving and defensive solidity. The Nanocell graphite, new Pro V12 Grommets and the head-heavy balance ensure that this racket offers exceptional power for deep clears and ferocious smashes, while the stiff shaft ensures that advanced players can get excellent control and accuracy.

  • Material: Japanese HM Carbon
  • Grip: G4

Carlton Technology

Xtreme Tension Frame - Attention to detail and high quality materials ensure that Carlton rackets are safe to be strung at higher tensions.

Nanocell Enhanced - A resin system between the carbon fibres to strengthen the bonds between them for enhanced strength and snapback.

Japanese HM Carbon - A Hi Modulus top of the range carbon that is a consistent high quality providing durability and stability.

Pro V12 Grommets - Positioned at the central cross strings these grommets have been softened to allow more string movement for increased power.

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