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Emporio Armani EA7 Mens Dynamic Athlete Ventus7 Tracksuit

£89.99 GBP £144.99 GBP

EA7 represents passion, style, and performance, the perfect synthesis for setting your love for sports free. Breathable fabrics, colorful inserts, and a fit that follows every move make every EA7 item is easy to wear, colorful and athletic. Perfect for sports lovers.


Natural Ventus7 represents the perfect offer for training activities. It is made up of products with a cotton feeling, suitable for both indoor and outdoor sporting activities. Every garment is made of a mix of natural cotton fibers and synthetic polyester. The functionality of Natural Ventus7 technology enables the skin to breathe by expelling sweat through the fabric as water vapor, while at the same time gives a feeling of comfort and softness thanks to the natural cotton fibers. During physical activity, it is important to retain the heat produced by our bodies as well as to aerate the bodies in order to maintain a body temperature of 37°. PRODUCT CONCEPT: Multi-functional Cotton Essential




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